Company’s Philosophy and History

Company’s Philosophy

To understand the requirements from
the customer's perspective & accepting the challenge to deliver.

To fulfill the expectations upto the satisfaction of the final consumer.

We also take pride in working closely with the professionals and the end users to stimulate new ideas.

It has always been our endeavor to constantly innovate & update our products with new eye-catching pragmatic designs, most competitive quality materials, vibrant color concepts and modern, market-oriented packaging which is user friendly, appreciated by any quality standards and represent value to both, our clients and end-users.

History of Company

January 1983 BHASIN INTERNATIONAL was established at Suita-city, Osaka with capital of ¥5,000,000.
June 1988 Import Machine Tools & House ware Products.
January 1990 Manufacturing of Kitchen Tools, Hand Tools and Stationery Goods & Import.
September 1995 Company was renamed as B.H.P Industries Co., Ltd. With capital of ¥15,000,000.
November 1999 Open the first Garment Store at Semba Center Bldg. in Osaka.
June 2001 Open the second Garment Store at Semba Center Bldg. in Osaka.
July 2004 Establish own delivery center at Tsubame, Niigata-pref.
January 2005 Established Bhasin Bldg. & opened first Garment store owned by BHP at Shinbsaibashi (downtown city center), Osaka-pref.
March 2008 Renewal & expantion of the second Garment Store.
August 2010 Open Indian Restaurant “CHATPATA”.


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